Despite Of Republican Power, US Gun Laws Remain Intact

Photo: Peter Nolan-Smith

A recent white paper is showing that firearm regulation repeal in the US has stagnated during 2017, while in some states, is actually increasing.

In a recent analysis of states legislative trends, put out by Washington DC based publication, CQ Rollcall shows that early attempts to roll-back gun control laws are being met with resistance.

Pro-gun advocates were poised for a “good year,” according to the report. Since the election over 1,600 bills related to gun control have been filed across the US. Many aimed to scale back firearm regulation and deliver on years of Republican promises.

This has yet to materialize in government.

As of yet, most of the bills still flounder on state agendas. In the areas that did manage to take a vote, an overwhelming majority have been defeated.

So far, 14 out of 18 states have voted down bills that would allow guns in schools. Virginia and West Virginia, both made allowances for licenced school employees and security officers to carry firearms legally.

In higher education, there has been a push by pro-gun advocates for the allowance of concealed-carry in American colleges and universities. In 14 out of 16 states, the vote was no on bills allowing guns on campuses. Among these are, Wyoming, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Oklahoma.

The two states to move forward on this issue were Georgia, and Arkansas. Both now allow concealed-carry permittees to be armed on campus, though Arkansas requires the completion of an 8-hour training session before hand.

Attempts to eliminate carrying permits also largely failed. Out of 22 states only New Hampshire and North Dakota have changed their laws this year. Currently, 12 states now allow for permitless, or “constitutional carry,” of concealed weapons.

CQ also noted “rare bi-partisan support” for bills designed to keep guns away individuals convicted of domestic abuse. Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Tennessee and Utah all voted in favour of laws that keep guns away from those that abuse their families.

Hawaii, Washington and Tennessee also all passed laws requiring gun sellers to report failed background checks to law enforcement.

This issue is by no means done with. Most proposals intended to weaken the US government’s ability to regulate and control firearms have been deferred their voting to 2018.


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